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Become A Burger Plus Franchise

If you're looking to start a burger franchise in an enjoyable and lively environment, our franchising opportunity may be perfect for you. We provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity to run their own Gourmet Burger takeaway business.

The UK public spent £9.9 billion on takeaways in 2020, with spending predicted to grow to £11.2 billion by 2021. Burgers are a huge part of this growing market. Our exceptional growth allows us to develop our network of franchisees further, allowing budding entrepreneurs to enter this highly lucrative market.

We provide a proven business model, a strong brand, and all the training and support you need to build a successful business. Most importantly, we offer you the opportunity to own a highly profitable business as part of our network of franchisees.

Our Story

We opened our very first Burger Plus takeaway back in 2008. Our vision was to create a chain of Gourmet Burger takeaways that deliver amazing food every time! And that's what we did!

From the moment our doors opened we knew that we were destined for success. We now have 8 restaurants and that number is continuing to grow.

Burgers are our speciality but there is so much more. As well as our incredible 16oz beef burgers and the ability for our customers to create their burger, we also sell pizza, pasta and lots of lovely sides!

A Growing Industry

Demand for takeaway food has risen dramatically during the COVID-19 crisis. With the closure of restaurants across the country, the public has continued to enjoy their favourite foods using delivery and collection. The average UK consumer spends £451 per person every year on Takeaway food, with a typical customer ordering 34 Takeaways over 12 months, spending between £10-15 per person on each meal.

The growth is forecast to continue into the next decade, with £15bn forecast to be spent by 2023, according to the report from the British Takeaway Campaign (BTC).

Burgers have long been a staple food in the Western world, and their popularity is continuing to grow, and that's certainly the case for our Gourmet Burgers!

"Growth is forecast to continue into the next decade, with £15bn forecast to be spent by 2023"

Why Choose a Burger Plus Franchise?

The Burger Plus franchise provides you with the opportunity to join a highly lucrative market, using our proven business model, strong brand, and all the training and support you need to make sure your business is a success.

The Brand

The use of the Burger Plus brand will set you apart from your competitors, we have an excellent reputation that promotes recognition, customers know what to expect from your company. This gives you instant leverage to go out into the market place and get off to a great start.

Lead Generation and Customer Retention

We have a proven formula for generating customers for your business. Key areas we cover include target markets, sales activity and lead generation tools and techniques. It's not all about getting the customer in the first place, it's about keeping them coming back for more, and this is where we excel.

Exclusive Territory

Each franchisee will operate a large and exclusive UK territory. This means that only you can operate and market within your chosen area. Our generous territories have been designed using very specific criteria with complete fairness and scalability. This will enable you to maximise the opportunity for growth and revenue as your business naturally grows.

Comprehensive Training and Support

The Burger Plus Head Office team will provide you with comprehensive training and ongoing business support. Effective training is essential to the success of each franchise in terms of being able to run their business efficiently and successfully. You will receive full training and support throughout your time as a franchisee, this will help you to become a successful member of the Burger Plus network.

Proven Business Formula

As part of the Franchise Agreement, you will operate using the successful Burger Plus proven business formula, processes and systems, brand, logo and website.

The Franchise Package

  • Franchise Fee: £19,995 + VAT
  • Setup Costs: Between £70,000 (+VAT) and £80,000 (+VAT)
    depending on the location and size of your premises
  • Ongoing Fees: 5% of Turnover

Your franchise package includes the following:

  • Rights to use Burger Plus brand name
  • Full training in all areas of the business
  • Exclusive franchise territory
  • Central website
  • Processes, systems and templates to run the business
  • Ongoing support and regular business updates
  • Assistance with finding the right premises. Finding the right location for your shop is a vital first step in ensuring you will have a successful and profitable business
  • Assistance with the kit out of your shop
  • Stationery package

The Earning Potential

These are the potential PROFITS we would expect you to achieve in the first three years. We will provide you with a full 3-year breakdown at your franchise meeting.

Burger Plus Franchise - Projected Profits
"We have a proven formula for generating customers for your business"

Interested In Joining?

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Let's Chat

A member of the Burger Plus team will call you for an informal chat. This allows you to ask any initial questions you may have and find out a bit more about the franchise offer.

It's Good To Meet

We will invite you to meet with us, this will allow you to discuss the franchise in more detail and receive all the financial information, without obligation.

Franchise Agreement

We will discuss your territory and package and put together your personalised copy of the Franchise Agreement. This is the time to make sure that you are happy with everything. Once you have signed the agreement and paid your franchise fee your training will begin and we will welcome you to the Burger Plus network of franchisees.